Behaviour Tips for returning to school

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    • Be organised. Make lunches the night before, have bags packed and ready
    • Get up earlier on the school days. Have a list of things your child can do to help get themselves ready – pictures may help
    • Give your child a chance to solve things for themselves. Generating independence now will save you time and energy in the future.
    • When you can’t agree, try to work out a solution together. Talk things over. The morning rush can lead to a ‘lock of heads’, which can create conflict at the start of the day. Guide and nurture calmness through role modeling
    • When their behaviour upsets you, talk about your feelings. They learn empathy from you.
    • Decide prior together what the consequence will be if your child misbehaves
    • Be realistic – expect some arguments with siblings. Step in only when things get out of control
    • Play a game like ‘beat the clock’ and generate a reward for getting out of the house on time
    • Talk with your child’s teacher regularly
    • If bullying is an issue, let your child know that they do not have to deal with the problem alone and seek guidance from the school or professional
    • Swearing, lying and cheating are fairly common behaviours in school-aged children. Talk to your children about family values, rules and fairness
    • Annoying habits and anxiety are part of normal development, but seek help if you’re worried.

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